Tenerife Fine Arts Centre wants to pay tribute to Ángel Sánchez life and artwork. His contribution to canary culture is indisputable, being not only master of his artwork and exporting it abroad but also friend and advisor to many intellectuals and creators that conform the cultural net of the islands, turning us into a reference of the vanguards everywhere he has gone during more tan half century of tireless work, up to the present day. Being, besides Juan Hidalgo, the two ultimates exponents of canary visual poetry in the world.

Our tribute it’s divided into two parts:
-Recital tribute to Ángel Sánchez that will take place the 8th of June at 18:30h.
A recital with the presence of the artist himself and many of the most important figures of canary culture.
-Exhibition: 50 years of Ángel Sánchez visual poetry in Canary Islands and the world, the 8th of June at 20:30h.
Developing our first sample of the author’s visual poetry that gather half century of his international creative carreer in just one exhibition. Exhaustive and deep work in which the artist shows his mastery and development of all the visual poetry tendencies of the world throughout the last five decades, being a participant of these vanguards. This exhibition highlights the importance of the contributions that givesthis discipline to the islands’ culture and to the world.


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