Sound design is an exhibition that highlights the relationship between music and graphic design, with different visions and from different perspectives. Throughout history, the staging of a performance, promotional posters, posters or album covers, have played a prominent role in the construction of the identity of musicians, composers and performers, as well as in the transmission of sociocultural values related to each musical genre.
Graphic design has always been very present in music, recreating a visual and evocative imaginary that goes far beyond the sound. Through the culture of design, a symbolic universe is built, which is a consubstantial part of the music itself.
Diseño Sonoro presents a selection of posters made by designers and creatives of Tenerife for EL Local, a club that stands out in the musical scene of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where the best musicians, DJs and producers of the Islands have gathered.
The exhibition also includes a selection of covers of the most emblematic vinyl of the history of Jazz, Soul and Funk that were published in decades of worship, turning them into authentic works of art (many present in the best museums) and that already form part of our imaginary sound.
Of course, there will be no lack of music either.



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