Tenerife Fine Arts Centre with the sponsorship of the Cajacanarias Fundation presents the show TAKTEN, a multidisciplinary creation came out of the collaboration between the pianist Esther Ropón and the dancer Carmen Macías. TAKTEN is the result of the artist residency started in January 2018 and developed by both artists in this cultural place.

Ropón and Macías join their art in this 45-minutes show. “As a note that comes out of something tiny and subtle, the affinity between two people is buildt, conected in time, noise space and movement” explain the creators. “A continuous accompaniment to be able to “being” with the other and experiment, in this cycle uninterrupted, the sense perception, the malleability towards the outside and the longing of the reverie”

To put on stage this idea, they will play music sheets of Ernesto Mateo, Ravel, Prokofiev, Messiaen, Mitchell Akiyama and Celer. Besides,TAKTEN count on the presence of Alfredo Díez in illumination and design and Joel Peláez and Matthias Beck in video creation. The costume design has been carried out by Esther Ropón and Carmen Macías themselves.

Esther Ropón, piano
Born in Tenerife, she studied in Canary Islands, Barcelona and Berlin. Pianist and teacher in the Professional Music Conservatory of Tenerife, she is also cultural manager and researcher. She has played individually and in local, national and international groups. Her album “Women of the XXI century” gather music sheets of contemporary canarian women composers that took her on a musical tour to Japan. She also was part of the multidisciplinary project “on the sea’s carpet” and she went on a tour around Canary Islands, Sweden and Turkey.
Considered by the german critique as “young spanish music ambassador”, she has developed a wide musical activity in this country but she has also played in Hamburgo, Stuttgart, Hannover, Leipzig and especially in Berlín. As a researcher she has worked on women’s role in contemporary creation and on the educational programme of symphonic orchestras and she has leaded the radio program “The music that inspire us” in Classical Radio (RNE) Since 2013 she works on a duet with de pianist Laura Gordo. Currently she is doing a PHD within the UNESCO research programme of cultural policies and cooperation.

Carmen Macías, dancer.
Dancer, creator and dance teacher. Graduated in Northern School of Contemporary Dance (England), continues her formation in Spain and other countries. She has worked with different choreographers among which Douglas Thorpe, Luca Silvestrini, Riccardo Meneghini and Sonia Rodríguez. Since 2013 she works in her own creative projects like “D-construction”, “Volatility”, “Prelude”, “Régénère”, “And also tomorrow” and “Black Spot” with Anna Borrás and “Irreverent“ with Laura Marrero, participating in different dance festivals. She has been part of Tenerife Dance Lab company and currently she is immersed in Dance in Comunity project of the Auditorium of Tenerife. At the same time she cointinues with dance teaching, personal projects and the research of new paths for movement and contemporary dance investigation.


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